Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Today is valentines day. The day when love fills the air, with almost everybody sending messages and giftes to those they love. I love Valentines day. It's such a wonderful day especially in Kenya where i come from. I remember once i celebrated my Valentines day in Nakuru; a town not far from my hometown Gilgil. There were roses everywhere. Almost everybody on the streets was holding a red rose on their hands. This is the most wonderful memory i have about valentines day. I remember going to a bookstore on this particular day and being handed a free rose by the door. I felt really special.

I don't know the guy who was handing flowers to people, but i remeber feeling appreciated and loved. Even though he was handing these flowers to everybody, i still felt special and i smiled all the way home.

Valentines day is not only about two people romantictally involved; but about each and every person we love and appreciate. Valentines day for me is also remembering to make everybody within our reach feel special. This includes those we do not know. I believe that each and every human being deserves to be made special and feel loved.

Next time when its Valentines day, smile at a person passing buy, and wish them a happy Valentines day. Try to visit a childrens home and make those children feel special. You can  make home made presents which are cheap, or try to involve your community to come up with something wonderful for those children. On the next Valentines day, as we remember those we love, let us also remember those who are in dispair, those who are suffering, those who are experiencing any kind of challenges in their lives and those we do not know. You have the ability to send LOVE to each and every person in the WORLD through the power of prayer.

So today i want to send love to my family, all of you my friends, my co workers and everybody i know. I send love to EACH and every person in the world, because we are all connected by spirit. I send you LOVE from the very buttom of heart. You are all unique human beings, and even though i have never met you; i want you to know that i love you. Happy Valentines day!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Am gonna tell you something and this is the truth. Life is full of challenges and the outcome really depends on your way of looking at things and how you react to them. I know that we can feel stuck when nothing is moving forward and sometimes it seems like when problems begin to appear, they keep coming and it feels like there will never be an end to them.

Please dont give up. I am telling you ...there is always a light towards the end. The very wise former president Franklin D Roosevelt once said that "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on". Like Roosevelt, i urge you to hang on, please dont give up. Have faith and it is in that faith that you will be able to see the light.

Alot of people think that inteligence is the solution to all problems. Guess what? Inteligence has its limits, but faith has no limits. When you have faith, you know that even the most ilogical things can happen. Faith has no limits, it cannot be explained nor measured. Faith turns everything we call impossible with our logical minds into possible. It allows you to dream way beyond your wildest dreams!

If you are going through a difficult time right now, please hang on. Remember that you have the capacity to turn every experince into something positive. Remember that it's not about what happens to you, but its about how you react to it.

If you are going through a difficult time, you are not alone. Just know that my thoughts are with you, and that i will include you in my pot of prayer.

I felt the need to write about this topic right here ringt now, and i do believe that it was not in vain. Someone needed to read this. If you know someone who is going through a difficult time, please feel free to send them this massage.
Hang in and wonderful things will eventually happen
I send you nothing but love


Saturday, February 4, 2012



We live in a world where judgment has become our way of life. People are judged for the way they look, for their family, for whatever the did and for whoever they are, just to name but a few. It took me a long time before i learnt that its okay to be whom i am.

I spent too many years apologizing for being me. I spent too many years trying to satisfy other people in order to feel accepted. I spent too many years sarrounded by people who knew me by whom i was pretending to be, but not the real me. I let those judgements get into me and define me. I hated myself and thought that i was brought to this world to suffer. I felt little and unwanted.

I know this topic is not deeply discussed, but judgements are everywhere. At work, at home, in our society and in the media. Some stay in a toxic relationship because their partners has made them believe that they are not worth anybody else. Some agree to dangerous diets just to look like somebody else other than themselves. Some live in shame for the rest of their lives for something they did dacades ago.

My massage from me to you is that you are a unique, magnificent, wonderful, ireplaceble human being. Your coming to this world was carefully planned and is full of purpose! Whatever you did in the past or whatever it is that you are being judged for has no bearing nor meaning to whom you really are. Your mistakes are there to shape you into an even wiser human being. Your looks are the best just the way you are.

Be yourself and celebrate who you are. By doing so you will let those around you get to know your soul. Your soul is who you REALY are! Those who will choose to be around you will choose the real you, not your jaw line, your weight or height.  They will choose the real you, not your mistakes. They will choose the real you. YOUR SOUL. That is a gift and your life will be REAL.

Have a wonderful week. I send you nothing but Love


Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hei everybody.

I welcome you to my very first blog. My main aim is to inspire you and give you a weekly dose of beautiful motivational words that will hopefully encourage you to live an even better life.

I decided to call this blog despite i am because we all have been through alot as humans, yet  we continue to live on and try to bring the best in life. For that, i decided that the perfect name would be despite i am.

Thankyou very much for subscribing to the blog and am really looking forward to inspire you and be inspired by you.

I send you nothing but love