Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Today is valentines day. The day when love fills the air, with almost everybody sending messages and giftes to those they love. I love Valentines day. It's such a wonderful day especially in Kenya where i come from. I remember once i celebrated my Valentines day in Nakuru; a town not far from my hometown Gilgil. There were roses everywhere. Almost everybody on the streets was holding a red rose on their hands. This is the most wonderful memory i have about valentines day. I remember going to a bookstore on this particular day and being handed a free rose by the door. I felt really special.

I don't know the guy who was handing flowers to people, but i remeber feeling appreciated and loved. Even though he was handing these flowers to everybody, i still felt special and i smiled all the way home.

Valentines day is not only about two people romantictally involved; but about each and every person we love and appreciate. Valentines day for me is also remembering to make everybody within our reach feel special. This includes those we do not know. I believe that each and every human being deserves to be made special and feel loved.

Next time when its Valentines day, smile at a person passing buy, and wish them a happy Valentines day. Try to visit a childrens home and make those children feel special. You can  make home made presents which are cheap, or try to involve your community to come up with something wonderful for those children. On the next Valentines day, as we remember those we love, let us also remember those who are in dispair, those who are suffering, those who are experiencing any kind of challenges in their lives and those we do not know. You have the ability to send LOVE to each and every person in the WORLD through the power of prayer.

So today i want to send love to my family, all of you my friends, my co workers and everybody i know. I send love to EACH and every person in the world, because we are all connected by spirit. I send you LOVE from the very buttom of heart. You are all unique human beings, and even though i have never met you; i want you to know that i love you. Happy Valentines day!


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